How pets can heal your broken heart

It has happened to all of us at some point, some of us more than once! Yes my pet loving friends we have all suffered from A BROKEN HEART.

If you have been through a broken heart you will know at the time you cannot possibly  imagine how your precious beating organ will recover. How will it ever be ready to LOVE again?!

Some of you will look to be soothed by indulging in a bar of delectable chocolate or a favourite tub of delicious ice cream and often both are devoured whilst watching a romantic film.

Music can often give us comfort as we listen to the words of our favourite songs and take solace from their meaning, we look to take comfort in knowing we cannot be the only one suffering from heartbreak.

Others will find solace and reassurance from friends and family, their kind words and ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ expressions are what we need to hear AND some of us just need a big HUG and to be told that we will be OK. 


Physical Feelings?

Did you know you can actually feel physical feelings from a broken heart? Many people suffering heart ache have reported feeling chest pains, shortness of breath and even heart palpitations.

The feelings of a broken heart can effect our bodies in many ways and we all react differently to a bruised heart. Broken hearts have been written about and emotionally expressed by human beings for thousands of years.

Look at the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet; Shakespeare may never have produced his amazing story of love and loss without first suffering heart break of his own. 

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew

– William Shakespeare

However; all is not lost my dear pet loving friends.


Companion Comfort

If you are a pet owner and lover, you will no doubt look to turn to your pet for comfort and cuddles!

Whatever your pet friend; you can be sure they will not judge and will be there for you with countless cuddles and unconditional love. When you wake in the morning with the sadness a broken heart can bring, a quick wag of a tail or a purr can help lift you and your mood. 

Pets have the innate ability to warm our hearts, to make us feel wanted and most of all to give us another person to think about and care for.

In a time when you will just want to hide from the world they force you to interact. Let’s face it most of us just want to hide under the duvet and feel sorry for ourselves!

You can tell them your woes and worries and they will sit patiently and simply listen.


Heart Healing

Healing your broken heart will take time and patience, but even the simple task of stroking, petting or cuddling your beloved pet can start the process of healing your heart.

Your heart is the most powerful organ.

It will break, it will heal, it will be strong again.

The stroking motion sends an array of magical signals to your brain. Your brain immediately reacts and releases relaxing endorphins, these endorphins flood through your bloodstream, reducing anxiety as well as reducing the overwhelming sadness you feel.

Slowly you will start to feel a bit better and your heart will start to heal. Do not take our word for it, next time you are feeling low or sad, give it ago! Your pet will thank you for it too.


Pet Therapy?

Pets are always there to listen to you, they will not judge you or say anything about your crying. Pets are by your side to be loved and appreciated.

You can spend hours talking to your pet, why not indulge in a little pet therapy, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, cuddle up next to your pet on your favourite chair and tell them your worries and troubles.

Talking releases anger, happiness and sadness and really can be one of the best ways to heal your broken heart, your pet will not only sit there tentatively and listen to you they will LOVE the extra cuddles too.

Scientists have proven pets can also help by reminding us of the everyday little things, the joy in life and the fact that someone else in our lives love and appreciate us.

All over the world pets are effectively used to help people suffering with depression, illness, a recent personal loss and even to help children with communication issues. Their innate ability to make us feel safe and reassured make pets the ideal form of therapy.

When you next suffer a break up or heartache, look to your pet for comfort. Not only will they love you unconditionally, you may heal quicker too.


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