Alfie, I loved you the first time I saw you. You were in a small concrete cage barking like crazy for someone play ball with. You were about 7 years old with a heart condition and unknown background. I don’t know how you ended up there but I was lucky that I got to meet you and share life with you for the next 6 years. We went on holidays, for swims, walks and to your favorite pet shop where you were a very popular customer. You were always so happy and such a sweet gentle boy, people would smile and stop to pat you as they passed by. You loved your cuddles and kisses and I loved to snuggle with you. Your main obsession was BALL, diving through the air and hardly ever missing a catch. We had a bond that I have never experienced before. As the years progressed your heart problem slowed you down, and although the meds helped, you had to take it easy. My heart broke the day you left. I miss your beautiful face, your cheeky nature, your odd quirks, the noises you made during a good ear rub, I miss everything. I would do about anything for just one more day, but knowing you was the most amazing time and I treasure every day we had.

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2002 - 13.OCT.15

  • Breed:Aussie mix
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    • Dog
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