The new pet trend – Pet Sharing!

Do you want to borrow my dog? 

Can you believe this simple question has turned into a viable business idea and is set to be the biggest growing trend in the pet ‘dog sitting’ industry.

This simple and unique concept gives wanna be pet owners the chance to experience the joy of a pet before they take the plunge into owning one for themselves. The concept works very much on the ‘borrowing’ scenario; typically no money will be exchanged and both parties work on the principle of doing each other a favour.

Time short pet owners are finding the ‘dog sharing’ idea an absolute dream. The possibility of ‘lending’ your pet to a pet lover who will walk, cuddle and treat it as if it was their own has given many pet owners the chance to step away from feeling guilty about work and life commitments.

Sharing is Caring

Trust is obviously a big part of the deal, but with professional companies taking care of the ‘vetting’ side of the arrangement, pet owners can be happy in the knowledge their pets are left in safe hands.

We simply love the idea of sharing our beloved pooch with a pet lover who may not be in the position to own one for themselves.

Whether you are a pet owner or a pet lover looking to volunteer some pet caring time, here are our top five reasons why would you should jump on board the new pet trend.

  1. Free pet sitting!

Let’s face it, pet sitting can be expensive and we simply hate having to leave our pets in kennels or catteries. The guilt alone of leaving your pet in a confined space whilst you enjoy sunshine and beaches is too much for us to handle.

The ‘Borrow my pet’ philosophy works very much on it being a free service; with both parties benefiting from the arrangement. Free pet care for you and a deliciously cute pet for the pet sitter to take care of.

  1. Diversity of Pets

One day you maybe walking a pretty little french bulldog and the next day you could be bounding around the park with a bouncy whippet.

Pet sharing gives pet lovers the chance to pet sit for a range of different breeds. If you are deciding whether you want to own a pet or simply cannot decide which breed suits your personality, pet sharing is a great way of learning which breed you prefer. Pets personalities are often what make them unique, loveable and adorably cuddly.

  1. Do a good deed

In some situations charities look for pets to assist with companionship. Senior citizens often benefit from being able to spend time petting a friendly pooch. Dogs can bring a smile and a ray of light into the lives of people who are not as mobile as they used to be.

Dogs are often used for therapeutic reasons too, children with learning disabilities or adults with communication issues simply love being able to share a special moment with a loveable pet.

Sharing your pet with a charity or institution is another way of your pet receiving some much needed love and attention and you will undoubtedly feel good about it too.

  1. A pet is not just for Christmas

How many times have you heard this saying?

Pet sharing is a fabulous way of finding out if you want or can handle the responsibility of owning a pet.

The opportunity to spend a few days a week with a pet will help you understand what owning a pooch involves. The unique insight will help you make the decision in an informed way.

No one wants to buy a pet only to realise they cannot commit fully to owning one full time; we hate the thought of all the lovely pets who find themselves without a home.

  1. Friendships

You will undoubtedly find new friends. Let’s face it, you both have something in common; you both love your pet!

Long standing friendships have been formed on many a walk around the park, if you are lucky enough to lend your pet to someone who loves it as much as you do you can be sure over time the seeds of friendship will grow.

Pets have been bringing friends and lovers together for years; you never know your next friend or partner could be waiting for you!

Find the right fit.

There are many reputable websites and companies offering to take care of your pet sharing needs.

It is always worth carrying out research in your local area, ask around other pet owners and always ensure you obtain reviews of the company you decide to use.

Pet sharing is a trend set to grow; so get sharing now!



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