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A universal passion for pet care

If you did not already know, we LOVE pets. Our pets bring joy to our lives as well as laughter and innate happiness.

For some, pets are a saving grace in times of need and for others they encourage exercise and social interaction. Let's just say we have a passion for our pets.

We are also passionate about pet charities and with so many charities it really is difficult to choose one in particular, we want to support them all.

One charity particularly close to our hearts is Greyhound rescue.

Racing - A hobby turned serious business

Greyhounds are typically known for racing, their long legs, slim body and incredible speed make them a perfect racing animal. 

Racing greyhounds is believed to have started in England in the late 1800's, but it soon grew in popularity and swooped across the globe. It arrived in the US, Australia and Europe in 1900. 

Racing dogs initially started out of hobby and enjoyment, but has since grown to be part of the gambling industry and is now worth billions of dollars.

The racing life of a greyhound will last until they are 4-6 years old and at this time many dogs are kept for breeding. Only one in four greyhounds are kept by the racing owners as pets.

Sadly in the US, it is estimated nearly 20,000 greyhounds a year are put down or sold to laboratories for animal testing. Figures that are not only sad but incredibly alarming.

From racing to nurturing

Thankfully, greyhound rescue charities and adoption groups have grown over the last few years and they have been responsible for caring for these beautiful and graceful animals.

After a life with strict routine, intense racing schedules and little or no affection from owners, greyhounds leave the racing industry with little or no realisation of what affection is.

By their true nature they are gentle, graceful and good natured animals. Nurturing is a huge part of the rehabilitation process for greyhounds returning to normal life.

Greyhound Rescue – A charity with ethics

Greyhound Rescue Australia was formed in 2009, initially with the intention to rescue and provide new homes for retired greyhounds.

The not for profit charity is run by retired couple, Peter and Janet as well as a host of other generous greyhound loving volunteers. 

As well as a belief that greyhound racing should be stopped, they also believe every greyhound deserves a chance at another life. 

We LOVE their passion and way they integrate greyhounds back to former glory.
  • They help greyhounds get used to everyday noises; TV, kids playing, radio, washing machine and other household noises we take for granted.
  • They spend time nurturing and talking to every greyhound, gaining trust and giving the affection greyhounds rightly deserve
  • They help families with integration, ensuring a newly adopted greyhound fits into the home easily and safely.
Without charities like Greyhound rescue many more animals would be suffering.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing work Peter and Janet do, please take a look at their website.

You never know you could make a loving owner for a loving greyhound.


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