What your pet says about you

What pet do you own?

Now, sit back and think how similar you are to your pet! Do you have similar personalities or even the same hair colour or style – yes really! You maybe a cat lover, dog owner, bird enthusiast, reptile keeper or simply own a couple of goldfish. Whatever your pet, you can be sure it will be expressing to the world something about you and your personality. It has been widely believed we subconsciously own and choose pets that reflect us and our pets are simply furrier versions of ourselves! Let’s face it, we are all so keen to wear our pets faces on t-shirts, buy them exotic and delightful gifts and feed them better food than we choose to eat.  That tin of 100% organic pet food for $10 seemed like a good idea at the time?! 

BUT what does your pet really say about you?


Down with the Dogs

Dogs are the leading companion when it comes to pets, with over 40% of households across the globe playing home to one.

If you are a dog person, you are thought to be more of an extrovert, agreeable and likeable than a fellow cat lover! It is also believed dog lovers are way more fun to be around and enjoy the great outdoors!

Think of all the people you see playing in the park, on the beach, walking, running or just enjoying a coffee with their beloved pooch; now it is easier to understand why doggie people seem like they are more fun to be around – right?!

Dogs have been part of humans lives for over 20,000 years, they have hunted with us, protected us and our families so it is easy to see why we love our tail wagging friends.


What’s your Dog type?

Dogs are split into categories and breeds; each with their own temperaments and quirks and no where are these personality traits more obvious than in humans. 

Read on and see if you can see yourself in the type of dog you own?!


Good Sports 

Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Cocker spaniels

Owner Traits – Agreeable, conscientious and LOVE the great outdoors.


Follow the Herd

German & Australian Shepherds, sheepdogs, Border Collie, Rottweiler

Owner Traits – Extrovert, outgoing with a zest for life


Hound Dogs

Greyhounds, beagles, dachshund, basset hound, whippet, Irish wolfhound

Owner Traits – Calm, consistent, attentive and patient.


Mighty Small Dogs

Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, pug, french terriers, poodles, Shih Tzu

Owner Traits – Intelligent, open to experiences and loves to nurture

Do you see your personality in the type of dog you own? Dogs are also influenced by how we choose to train and treat them. Some breeds are easier to train than others too, labradors for instance are much easier to train than a strong minded Poodle!

Whatever dog breed you have welcomed into your family, you can be sure of loyalty and companionship from your furry friend.


On the Catwalk

Cats follow closely behind dogs and over 33% of households own a feline and call one part of their family. Cat owners will typically own more than one cat. Cat people are thought to be more creative, adventurous, suffer with anxiety but are the most dependable too.

There are 75 recognised cat breeds in the world; each offer different personality traits, markings and quirks! Cats are known to be wildly independent, temperamental, deeply affectionate and protective of their territory.

Unlike dogs, we do not choose a cat similar to us or our personalities, we seem to fall in love with their unusual markings or super fluffy coat.

Superstition surrounds cats more than any other animal. Throughout history cats have been associated with witches and witchcraft, we all know how lucky it is supposed to be when a black cat crosses your path!

The luckiest cat breed to own is the Japanese Bobtail; loved and chosen for the luck it is supposed to bring upon the household in which it lives. It is also graced with one of the loudest and ugliest cat voices, I guess you cannot have everything!


A world of Pet Lovers

From cat people to dog people we have welcomed pets into our homes and hearts. They are one of the family, our best friends and in many cases the only thing we can rely on to love us unconditionally. 

Take time today to stop and give your pet a little extra affection and remind them just how much they are loved. 

You can take comfort from knowing your pet will always be there waiting for you with a wag of the tail or a loving purr.


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